The One Lesson I Learned From Brad and Angelina

Brad and Angelina can teach us a lot of things but one of the key lessons, I think, is that too much change, upheaval and movement in a relationship is unsustainable.
It is bad enough to have a partner who travels constantly for work. In Brangelina’s case they had enough resources that they tried to travel as a unit but in the end even they could not sustain the amount of constant traveling that needed to be done and often found themselves on different continents.
But it was more than the traveling. They had no base or consistency as far as their living arrangement, it seems. How many homes can you live in at any given time before it just becomes obtuse? Or at least confusing? Shuffling between all those homes from their place in Louisiana to their various homes in Los Angeles to their Chateau in France and apartment in Manhattan sounds glamorous but could also tax a marriage.
Brad’s appearance also kept changing.¬† You just never knew who he was going to be. Was it just his hair or did his personality also change with all the outward changes? That is de-stabilising for relationship because it creates uncertainty and instability.
The short of it is that too much change too constantly is bad. This is the basic lesson I think we could all learn from Brangelina.