9 Literal Ways to Take Your "Divorce Lemons" and Make Lemonade

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Divorce does not have to be all bad news. You can get inspiration from it, in fact. Here is a divorce list of 9 ways to take those lemons and make lemonade:

  1. Don’t let your divorce become a stigma in your life or a dark stain on your canvass. Instead, turn it into a positive by using your story and experiences to help others cope with their own transition from marriage to divorce. Think how lemons lighten and brighten. Do not let the divorce define who you are. Instead let it make you a better, stronger human being.
  2. Beauty trick: Use your divorce as an excuse to literally lighten your hair color. Give yourself some post-divorce highlights with…lemon juice.
  3. Start a new business with the money you get in your divorce settlement. There are all sorts of possibilities such as…a house cleaning service or a hair dressing business or even a consulting company. And yes, you can use “lemons” as a theme for any of these types of businesses depending on how creative you are.
  4. Speak the unvarnished truth to yourself. Nothing like lemons to shine up brass and clean up messes, right? The same idea with your divorce. Take the experience for what it was and be honest with yourself about your own role and take the power into yourself to carry on and move forward and get better.
  5. Imagine that your marriage had started to rot and smell bad. Now that it is over, you can imagine tossing out the carcass of it and airing out the space and refreshing your life. Imagine using lemons to refresh and re-scent.
  6. Use your divorce as an inspiration to start eating healthier and better foods. Think: cleansing. Imagine how lemons might play a role. On salads, for example, in juices. Imagine how beautiful you will start to look and feel again.
  7. Start a complexion journey after your divorce where you vow to improve the look and health of your skin (particularly on your face) using lemons.
  8. Experiment with creating a new product or service that could help others get past their divorce. It could be a beauty product as well as something more practical. You could literally call it “turn your divorce lemons into lemonade.”
  9. Start to drink more water daily just to booste your immune system which will take a hit after your divorce. Slip a slice of lemon