No, Brad Won't Commit Suicide He Just Needs to Forget that Bitch and Take his Kids

I just read Jeannie’s article about whether Brad Pitt might consider “suicide” because of what happened with Angelina Jolie and I had to respond it it even though it may not be politically correct.
Because I think Angelina is a bitch.
I know this is vulgar language and I had to clear it with the Editor and she hesitated but gave me the go ahead so there it is. I think Angelina is a heartless bitch and if I were Brad I would go for full custody of the kids and take them from her. Straight up, Brad needs to stand up for Father’s rights. He needs to become our champion. No woman should have the right to do to a man what Angelina is doing to Brad. Sure, he probably drank one too many a couple of times. What guy hasn’t. But this idea that he is so radio active because he is not perfect so he doesn’t get to have a say in his kids lives and only gets visitation?
That’s just not cool. You can’t treat my homey like that.
I think she is a horrible person and he needs to just spray that bitch far away and take his kids while he is at it.
Sorry but that is how I feel about the whole thing.