How to reboot your life after divorce

Are you one of those people who want to know how to reboot your life after divorce? In this post, you will find 20 basic ideas of how to get started. The funny thing about these tips is that they are not just good for you when you want to reboot your life after divorce. They are good for you period. But when you are trying to reboot your life after divorce, they can really come in handy. Are you ready? Read on for 20 kickass ways to reboot your life after divorce.

  1. Start each day by saying “Thank you universe for all the blessings in my life and for all the lessons you have deemed me important enough to learn.”
  2. Have a cup of coffee in a porcelaine cup in a quiet corner before you begin to deal with the stresses of your day.
  3. Do daily stretching exercises to show your body love
  4. Listen to motivational videos on YouTube
  5. Start a letter writing project where you send a handwritten letter to one person each week to spread positivity in their lives (and thus enrich your own)
  6. Write an entry each day in your “My Wonderful Future Journal” because you are the architect and designer of your future
  7. Plan regular outings with a good friend(s)
  8. Start a new diet and exercise regimen
  9. Begin a class or course that will further one of your personal or professional goals
  10. Start a special savings account that is geared towards protecting your financial future and create a savings plan for this account that specifies a minimum amount you will deposit each month no matter what
  11. Join a dating site or service that is tailored to someone like you
  12. Make a list of ten things you want to accomplish in 10 months and then in 10 years.
  13. Answer a personals ad (take a chance!)
  14. Get a personal appearance makeover done by a professional
  15. Cut your losses from the past and vow to move on positively to the future of your life
  16. Sell your wedding ring and other jewelry from the old relationship
  17. Have a new baby on your own through IVF
  18. Give up cigarettes, drugs and alcohol if you are a user
  19. Take up running and sign up for a marathon
  20. Move out of the old neighborhood to start fresh

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