Why George Michael Never Married Fadi Fawaz

They were cute as a button together and seemed really in love. But with the death of the British crooner, Fadi Fowaz finds himself being interrogated by British police. And friends of George Michael are also reportedly spurning Fadi. Why? There is one report that some people saw him as a “leech.”
Is this why George did not marry Fadi? From all accounts, George was very fond of Fadi in fact and the two shared a great sense of compatibility. Fadi is about ten years younger than George, and is a hair-dresser originally from Australia.
Fadi was at George’s side through many difficulties including a stint at a rehab clinic in Zurich where George went to seek help with his drug addiction.
It is not that George did not want to marry Fadi, it is just that he probably did not get around to it as yet. George certainly believed in marriage and wanted to settle down and have a family of his own, children and a husband of his own. Fadi was a good possibility. But unfortunately, obviously, George died. Fadi found him dead in bed on Christmas Day.