Will Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump's Marriage Survive the Move to D.C.?

“I think so. They seem solid enough,” says our editor in chief when I brought up the idea for this post. “I mean where is either of them going to go after this?”
I think I have to agree. From the looks of it, Jared is deeply  in love with Ivanka and she with her husband and her father seems to respect Jared which is very important. There are always latent risks, of course. Not everything is as it seems all the time. They seem a happy family and united front but every relationship has imperfections. All couples have their problems. Even Jared and Ivanka have problems. These problems are not for public consumption, of course and so the public does not know. It is like Brad and Angelina. They have been together longer than Jared and Ivanka, pointed out one of my colleagues. If they can split up anybody can split up.
I do think Ivanka and Jared are a different type of couple to Brad and Angelina. Brad and Angelina were more flashy. It was a fantasy based on a movie script. Ivanka and Jared are different. She converted her religion for her husband. This speaks to the solidity of their union, and their commitment.
But could the pressures of Washington destroy their marriage? It could but it is unlikely in their case. They will more than likely build up new friendships and powerful connections in Washington over the next four years which will take them even further as far as wealth and prestige long after her father is no longer president. This will make them a stronger couple.
They both take very good care of their hygiene and health and are as attractive as ever to each other. And they have three adorable kids and one more on the way in a few months. Added to that their extended family of siblings and cousins all share a sense of stability and couplehoods.
This couple will definitely survive Washington D.C. in my humble opinion. Do you agree?