What Should Happen To Brangelina's Kids?

The following is a transcipt of an internal conversation we had about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce and custody fight.
Jeannie: OK Show of hands who feels sorry for Brad? Who is team Brad here and who is Team Angelina?
Lawyer X: Well we know Bryan is definitely team Brad over here.
Bryan: Well, the woman is a bitch! Like I said
Jeannie: Stop it, Bryan!
Z.: I am team Brad. I agree with Bryan. I think Angelina is the devil
Jennifer: I am team Jennifer Aniston. I love her. I think this whole thing is the best revenge. Karma is the best revenge. Angelina stole Brad and now Karma–
Bryan: Is for the bitch!
Jeannie: Where is Brenda? Is she coming to take part or not?
Lawyer X; I think she went home actually. She was not feeling well.
Jeannie: So how many of us are here?
Kate: Um…I think there are…there’s
Vanessa: There are 8 of us. There is Jeannie, Lawyer X, Bryan, Jennifer, Kate, Me, Z and Colombo. That’s nine. There are nine of us.
Bryan. Not. It’s eight.
Jeannie: Yes, that’s eight, I think. OK. Great. So let’s begin. Who is team Brad and Who is team Angelina. Team Brad? Show your hands…. Bryan, Kate, Z and Colombo. OK. And then Team Angelina everybody else?
Lawyer X: I am kind of neutral.
Jeannie: You have to pick a side Lawyer X.
Lawyer X. It is hard. I am like Jennifer. I am team Aniston if you want to know the truth.
Jeannie: yea well you and Jennifer better get it together cause there are only two teams in this conversation and Aniston is not one of them. So do you back Brad or Angelina in their custody and divorce fight?
Lawyer X: I guess I back…Angelina.
Jeannie: OK.. so there is Lawyer X, Jennifer, Vanessa and me, Jeannie Goldstein. That’s four. Team Angelina. Okay. So what is the first question?
Bryan: Why do you think your girl Angelina is such a bitch?
Lawyer X: I actually don’t think she is as much of a bitch as people are trying to say that she is.
Bryan. Not as much? How much more does she have to be?
Vanessa: I just think this is a woman who is trying to protect her children. She seems like a very loving mother and her children seem to adore her.
Jeannie: I agree. She seems to have the love of her children.
Bryan: What are y’all basing that on?
Z: Yea?
Vanessa: I read that Maddox said he doesn’t even consider Brad to be his father.
Bryan: everybody knows you can’t believe everything you read, right? Especially with all the fake news.
Mark Colombo: precisely. I don’t trust Angelina Jolie. I think she is two faced. I think she is setting up Brad.
Bryan: Of course she is setting him up. From the very beginning.
Lawyer X. I don’t agree. It would not have lasted this long if it was one big set up. They have been together for more than a decade.
Jennifer: Exactly. That is a long relationship and like any relationship they had their problems and it didn’t ultimately work up but so what? This does not make the girl a monster. He is the one who is accused of roughing up Maddox. Not Angelina.
Z. Well, I just have a thing with Angelina acting like Mother Teresa when she used to take hard drugs and was this wild child for years and suddenly
Jeannie: Suddenly she grew up and matured. So what? Why is she a bad person for growing up and taking stock of her life and living a better life and not wanting drugs around her kids?
Bryan: It is not what she does is how she does it all judgmental and everything like that. She is no better than Brad Pitt.
Lawyer X. I commend her for trying to protect her children and provide them with a wholesome and healthy environment
Kate: The funny thing is, this is none of any of our business
Bryan: Oh it is our business. They lived a very public life and when it was good it was our business wasn’t it? We bought all those tabloids.
Z. I never bought any tabloids. I refuse to consume that garbage.
Bryan: Well, how did you get all your Brangelina news?
Z: TMZ and Radaronline
Jeannie: Those are glorified tabloids!
Colombo: I think the judge should give them joint custody. This is what I think.
Z: Even if Angelina is lying about Brad being abusive?
Lawyer X: She said she does not agree with his parenting style. She did not say he was abusive.
Bryan: No. She said he was abusive. In that private jet. Remember that whole story?
Vanessa: I think Angelina should get sole custody and Brad should get visitation.
Jeannie: Why do you think so Van?
Vanessa: Something about Brad’s reaction is making me believe Angelina.
Lawyer X: She said he is afraid that the truth would come out.
Z: She is the one with all the skeletons in her closet. She looks like a skeleton.
Bryan: Here, here.
Kate: Remember these children’s lives will be affected forever by this. It is serious.
Jeannie: It surely is.
Kate: I think they need both parents.
Lawyer X: I agree
Jennifer: I think the judge should just give custody to Jennifer Aniston.