Your Husband's Job in a Foreign Country & Expat Life Ruined Your Marriage?

It can happen. Your spouse gets an exciting new assignment in a foreign country and you pack up the family and go abroad to live this exciting jet-setting ex-pat life and next thing you know, your marriage is caput. And it doesn’t matter if it is Paris or Dubai or Brazzaville.¬† The net result is the same. The change in temperature and surroundings and culture and friends just upends your marital union and sends it asunder.

What are you to do? How were you supposed to know that moving your family – which had been so strong and intact and filled with love and open communication and transparency – would just result in the mess it did in less than two years?

Too late now to tell you that this can happen to perfectly fine marriages. The damage has already been done in yours. Would it have been better to let your husband go alone to this foreign locale? Maybe not even. The result might have been the same because sometimes the reason the marriage cracks up is that he finds a new woman in the new country (at work) while you are home board bored to death supervising the cleaning help and growing fat to boot.

I tell you. It is risky this moving of marriages. If you are contemplating becoming an ex-pat with your husband or because of his job, think twice. Try to talk him out of taking the job if you can. This could literally be the thing that saves your marriage. Just don’t go.