Huma Files for divorce. Anthony Weiner is a Mess. Will Huma Abedin Take Him Back and call off the divorce? Seriously?

The New York Post is hinting that a reconciliation may be in the works between Hillary Clinton’s former¬†aide Huma Abedin and her sex addict husband Anthony Weiner, the disgraced congressman.

Is this even conceivable that she could take a guy like this back?! This is not to say she hates the guy because he is the father of her child but would she seriously consider taking him back into her bed and marriage?! He is a perv, according to Donald Trump and while it is not nice to call people names and while I fully understand that people make mistakes, some people just should not be married because they cannot uphold their vows because of their illness or issues and therefore, Huma should not get back involved with this man. He is bad news and he is going to bring himself and her all the way down. It really is embarrassing to think Huma could think so lowly of herself that she could even think about this for one second, this idea of going back into a relationship with Antony Weiner. The man is not well.¬†Surely, she can find a new guy in DC or wherever it is that she resides at this time. Times cannot be that hard for a girl like Huma. She has a lot going for her for heaven’s sake.