Divorced? Are You Entitled to Money That You Are Not Getting?


entitled to money that
Entitled to money that you are not getting?

It happens pretty often that a divorcing spouse is entitled to money that they never receive. This includes income from retirement accounts or securities or even what is called “deferred compensation” that they never receive a penny.

This happens if they had an incompetent attorney, or if they did not get adequate financial advice during their divorce, or if their spouse lies about assets or even if their spouse did not lie maybe he or she was in the dark about the ramifications of certain financial transactions.
What can you do after a divorce judgment has been signed? Often, not a darn thing. Once the divorce is adjudicated, if these monies could have been easily discovered during the divorce by just simple discovery, most judges probably won’t re-open the divorce case to give you your due. However in some cases, for example where fraud can be easily established, you may be able to re-open the case in many jurisdictions. It really depends on your situation as this is a very case sensitive subject. Your best bet might be to consult with a new attorney.

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