Gwyneth Paltrow Talks Divorce in New Issue of Instyle Magazine. Was Sex the Problem?

Perfect little Miss Gwyneth Paltrow never lets us forget two things:¬† the first is that her dad died and because of that she will never smoke a cigarette. The second is that she divorced her first and only husband so far, Chris Martin is a beautiful uncoupling ceremony in the Caribbean and even though they are “consciously uncoupled” they are still the best of friends.

In¬† fact, in the latest issue of Instyle, Gwyneth disclosed that her ex-husband would take a bullet for her even though she is no longer his wife and she also said that he is “at my house every single day.”

So they are super, super, super close and they still love each other and they still function as a family unit and they live right across the street from each other and they go on vacations together and they support and love each other and she even goes to his concerts. Then why the hell did they get divorced?!

It’s gotta be the sex. The sex must have been godawful. The question is whether it was her or if it was him? It is hard to imagine the girl who gave us the vaginal steam is bad in bed. So it has gotta be him. She married a guy who was a dud in bed.

In a way, this makes her more likeable, doesn’t it? She is not perfect and her life is not perfect because she ended up with a guy who just couldn’t give her the big “O.” Gwyneth Paltrow’s husband was not her sexual soul mate.