Are Your Menopause Symptoms Pushing Your Marriage to the Edge of Divorce?

Menopause is the devil. And for guys? Well, they often feel like “this is for the birds” when their wives become this crazy monster version of the lovely, happy-go-lucky girl they married. It’s the mood swings. It’s the irritability. It is the depressive/manic episodes. It is the loss of interest in sex. It is the weight gain. It is the change in body odor.¬†It’s the rearrangement of the body and sometimes even the missing of parts of the body that changes a woman’s sex appeal, the hair loss and loss of other indices of attractiveness, among other things. And then on top of that, a lot of times you can’t even sleep. You have the insomnia and if you don’t you have the night sweats and it really is just….the devil.

But it could also be an angel in disguise because studies show that most divorces are initiated by women in that menopause/perimenopause age group ages 40s to 60s and a lot of these women spend the better part of their youth married to and in “service” to their husbands. And something seems to happen during these hormonal years where they just snap an unplug and decide it is time to live their lives independently and to climb their own mountains without the baggage of carrying other people’s needs whether it is young children or a needy husband. It is a period of time called divorce menopause.

So this idea that men get turned off by menopausal women is very one-sided because it is women who are asking for the divorces when they are in menopause. Moreover, the fact that a woman is undergoing hormonal changes does not mean she is no longer a functioning, intelligent or even sexy being with her own needs and after a long marriage she may feel that it is her husband who can no longer live up to and fulfill her needs so she asks for a divorce.

Naturally, the symptoms of menopause have been well documented and when a woman is experiencing these symptoms, she definitely can have a change in attitude and approach to her life and her relationship and this change can leave a spouse feeling “who is this devil”? But it is not a one-sided thing. She could also be waking up from 27 years of marital slumber and because of those same hormones she could be asking herself the very same questions about this person she is married to and hence the reason why so many menopausal women file for divorce each and every year.