Hollywood Divorce Lawyer Laura Wasser Has Her Hands Full With Jolie, Pitt, Depp & Heard

Laura Wasser is the most important divorce lawyer in Los Angeles and she is probably the most financially successful as well. All the celebrities out there go to her when they want to get divorced. Is it because she is that good? Or is it just perception?

Right now, she is handling divorce cases for Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. Both celebs hightailed it to her office as soon as they decided to split. It is as if they wanted to retain her before their significant other did. So it could be that Wasser is not even that good, it is just that there is a perception that she is, so folks try to get her on retainer to keep her from being scooped up by their other half.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are supposed to be divorced since 2016 but it doesn’t mean Wasser is off retainer. She recently reportedly fired off a letter to Amber Heard’s attorneys because Amber has failed to sign off on final divorce papers although on Amber’s side, she is claiming that Johnny failed to pay her agreed upon cash. Johnny paid a charity directly or something of that sort. But Amber wants the check to be placed into her bank account and then she will pay the charity. In any event, Wasser is said to have accused Amber of trying to prolong the divorce so that she could remain in the public eye and continue to grow her fame at Johnny’s expense.

On the other side, Wasser is also lawyer to Hollywood vixen Angelina Jolie who is in the midst of a contentious custody battle with Brad Pitt. Pitt had recently asked an LA judge to seal the custody files so that their children would not be exposed. Jolie had objected to sealing the records and Wasser, who reps her, seemed to agree for some time. However, Jolie finally agreed to seal the files. But not before taking a shot at Brad that he is afraid of the “truth coming out.”

Wasser does not usually go for the scorched earth approach but with these two clients, Depp and Jolie, she seems to have her hands full to say the least.