Speaking of "Father's Rights" I Think That Dads Are Better Custodial Parents For Boy Children

I am not a father’s rights proponent or anything like that but I do think that if there is ever a doubt, courts should give dads custody of sons. Boys need their fathers. It is a question of biology. I say this even though I don’t have children and even though I am a woman. I can see countless examples where fatherless boys have become a problem in society. Mothers do the best they can but they are ill-equipped, in my opinion, to raise their sons without a male figure in his life and I think it is a biological issue.

We live in a world today where we are trying to eliminate the gender element and have this neutral society. In a way, I understand it but in a way I think it is unworkable and will never really be achieved. Men and women are different. Boys and girls are different. Boys need their fathers. To the extent possible, where all other things are held equal, I think fathers should get custody of the sons and mothers should get custody of the girls. And just so you understand, I totally don’t blame you for calling me sexist for feeling this way.

Bryan K Pauly who is a Father’s Rights contributor to this blog, agrees with this opinion.