Robin Thicke Paula Patton Custody Fight: Spanking Allegations Leaves Paula Patton Demanding Full Custody of Julian

Robin Thicke Paula Patton Custody Fight

Robin Thicke and ex-wife Paula Patton custody fight heats up. She is accusing the obviously loving and devoted father of spanking their son and so she wants him banned from the little boy’s life. This is so wrong! There are so many pictures of them before they broke up that show how happy that little boy was with his father. All of a sudden he is so horrible and he spanks his son so she needs to protect her son from his father? Alan went to get his son recently and had to call the police because Paula turned the boy into a screaming crying mess and he refused to go with his father. (#Robin Thicke Paula Patton Custody Fight)
I really resent women who do that to guys. I think Paula is jealous that Alan moved on with model April Love Geary. She is only 21 and she is really hot.

Paula filed an emergency motion this week but the judge denied it because the judge said there is no emergency. Still, the fact that he went to get his son and had to call the police and in the end leave without his son because his son Julian who is only six was crying so much and refused to go with him and says he is “scared of his father” is a real crying shame. I think Paula is the culprit behind that. Alan claims that Paula is angry because she was not invited to Robin Thicke’s (Alan’s dad) funeral the other day. Alan says the two did not get along even though Paula left a social media post about how great they got along and how much she loved her ex-father in law. (#Robin Thicke Paula Patton Custody Fight).

Still, this does not give her the right to try to influence her son against his dad. This is wrong, Paula.