10 Yummy Ideas For Post-Divorce Dating

Here are 10 ideas for post-divorce dates (in the early months)

So I just posted on post-divorce dating tips for women over 40 which you can find here. Now I want to talk about a few fun ideas for actual dates. It doesn’t always have to be the old “dinner and a movie” although for people who have not been  “dating” for some time, it could be nice to have dinner and see a movie with someone new.

1. So let’s start with that: Dinner and a movie. And it could be at home! You could invite him or her (or they, you) for dinner at home. It probably is not appropriate for a first date especially if you met online and don’t know if you have a serial killer on your hands. So leave dinner at home for a few months but it is definitely a yummy idea.

2. You can take a boat ride if you live in a city where there is a river and riverboats. In Paris, there are many options. In New York as well you have things like the Water Taxi. Other cities have their own charms and waterways and so depending on where you are, you just have to plan a little bit. So you could start the date with the boat ride and after, you have cappucino at a warm, cozy café (even Starbucks could do if that is all that is available, btw). After coffee you can take a stroll along a picturesque rue.

3. Meet in the early afternoon at a gallery to see an exhibit on unusual art. After, stop for lunch at an “ethnic” restaurant where the food is good, inexpensive and the saki is amazing. You can talk about the exhibit and other lite topics. After, go ice-skating or rollerblading or throw a few frisbies in the park.

4. Go to a wine bar. Have a glass. After, go listen to a symphony orchestra or see a ballet. After, have dinner at a loud sports bar (just to keep things popping.) Make out lightly in a corner.

5. Take a class together. It could be on chocolate-making, pottery, art, wine-tasting, investing, horse-back riding, ballroom dancing, anything that is of interest to both of you. After, browse a bookstore and purchase something (like blank notes). And/or find some street food and sit outdoors enjoying it together (if weather permits).

6. Attend a sporting event that interests both of you. It could be tennis, soccer, boxing. You could even go to the racetracks.

7. Take a weekend trip to a city or place that is accessible by train – the more picturesque the better.

8. Go backpacking or hiking in a foreign country (maximum one week).

9. Take a bus ride to the other side of town, find an off beat place to have a meal. Ride back on rented bicycles. If weather permits, take a stroll in the park. See a “foreign” film.

10. Get a Korean massage session for couples – nothing too risqué. After, go to the theatre and see an interesting play. After, have dinner at a nice restaurant.