On Choosing Between a Spouse and a Pet

Pets and relationships

So one of the topics my editor asked me to discuss is pets and their impact on marriages and divorces. How the heck would I know, right? I have never been married or divorced. Lawyer X and I were talking the other day about this subject and she asked me this question: “so let’s say you have a husband or boyfriend or something like that who is allergic to your pet cat. What do you do? End the relationship? If you are already married do you get a divorce? If you had the pet before the guy, do you dump the pet? Or dump the guy?”

What do you think about this? I am not sure. I think for love, if my boyfriend or husband is allergic to the cat…well, I think it is difficult because if I had the cat first and I love the cat, do I just take the cat to the pound for the new relationship? This is a tough one.

But if I had the relationship first, or the marriage and I know that my husband is allergic to cats, why in the world would I bring a cat home unless I was trying to be evil?

I think the only time this issue would come up is if you already have a pet before you meet the guy or girl or whoever. In that case, I think it is very difficult and it depends on how serious things are. I think if you are dating then you can have all your dates at the other person’s house and avoid your place since he or she is allergic to the cat. If things progress and start to get serious, where you think a marriage is going to happen, boy, I am not sure. I have a cat and I love my cat and I cannot imagine having to get rid of my cat even if the guy is the most amazing guy in the world. Because I think my little Tess is the cutest, most amazing thing in the world as well and I would be heartbroken having to get rid of her.

But do you put an animal before a person? Do you insist on keeping the cat if your spouse is allergic? I think this could lead to a break up or if you are married, I think this is a conflict that could lead to divorce.

What do you think? If your husband or spouse or boyfriend is allergic to your cat, what do you do in the name of saving the relationship? Do you get rid of your beloved pet? Or do you get rid of the husband or boyfriend?

Believe it or not, this is a conundrum for me.