Recent Billionaire Divorce – Bill Ackman & Richard Lugner

Have you heard the latest gossip about the two billionaires who recently declared their intention to divorce their lovely wives? No? Well I have got all the latest updates for you.
Bill Ackman to divorce Karen Ann Herskovitz

First up, New York Jewish billionaire and hedge fund manager Bill Ackman who is married to landscape architect Karen Ann Herskovitz. The two have been married over two decades and share 3 lovely, well turned out daughters. Mr. Ackman manages the hedge fund Pershing Square and made his fortune by “betting against Herbalife” only to recently suffer tremendous losses, in the billions when the value of his fund plummeted. However please do not think this is why he is divorcing his beautiful wife Ann.

It is said that the two simply grew apart because he is a workaholic and she as well. Their friends have been quoted as saying that there is nobody else involved in the divorce; there was no infidelity and they all expect this to remain an amicable situation (keep your fingers crossed). The couple intends, at least for now, to remain friendly with their mutual friends. They even sent a joint email to their friends informing them of the impending split before the story hit the New York Post.

She is expected to get a generous nine figure settlement out of it. They have quite an extensive real estate portfolio that includes several eight-figure apartments in Manhattan as well as homes in Bridgehampton, New York.

Next up, Austrian billionaire Richard Lugner.

Richard Lugner 84 to divorce Cathy Schmitz, 26

Lugner is an old guy who enjoys the company of much younger women. And he has paid handsome sums for some of the world’s most beautiful and famous women to accompany him to parties and soirées and the Vienna Opera Ball. Some of his dates have included Joan Collins, Grace Jones, Paris Hilton, Sarah Duchess of York and Kim Kardashian – the latter whom he paid half a million dollars just to be his date to the ball for one night.

Anyway, he recently married a young German TV presenter named Cathy Schmitz and hoped to make her Austria’s First Lady. But unfortunately he was eliminated from the political contests in the first round of the Austria elections and she never became first lady. But she remained his wife for two full years and now they have decided to amicably go their separate ways.

He has expressed doubts about his wife’s devotion and has said that he worried that she was in it for the cash. But she is his fifth wife and he also has admitted that he enjoys “fighting” with young women, presumably that he is married to.

Ms. Schmitz is expected to get a relatively generous settlement that includes a Porsche, a house in Vienna and regular alimony checks.

Stay tuned for further updates as they are received.