Stuck in a marriage with Someone Who Needs Professional Help?

Is your spouse or partner crazy? But do they refuse to get help? It could be anything from severe depression, manic/depressive behavior, substance abuse, serial cheating, lying, manipulation, or other types of anti-social, or even psychotic behavior that has been left unattended by medical professionals.

Relationship problems strikes every couple at some point but there are problems and then there are problems. One clear sign that your marriage is in trouble is that you no longer are interested in intimate relations with this person. In fact, there are other signs and we covered the issue in our quiz: Are you Ready to File for Divorce which was complied by K Weng, and which you should consider taking if you have a few minutes. And we always advise trying to save your relationship wherever possible. For example, try marriage therapy and counseling while at the same time find a way to insist that your spouse gets professional help they need. That is, try to improve your communication so that you can impress on your partner that they need help.

Healing a relationship that has become so toxic cannot be a one-sided situation. Both parties have to realize the need for improvement and for change in the relationship.
With that all said, certain types of problems very quickly turn your marriage into a “house of hate” and you have to be mindful and protect yourself from getting trapped in a bad or even dangerous situation.

And this goes beyond just the normal “flawed” relationship as described in a recent article in Psychology Today, where:

  • You feel unhappy and worn out by your relationship
  • You feel happier away from your partner
  • You feel like you are talking to a wall
  • You feel controlled or patronized
  • You feel restrained or suffocated by your relationship
  • You spend all your free time worrying about the relationship
  • You have no voice, no opinion or rights
  • You don’t feel valued or appreciated enough
  • You always end up at fault in every situation
  • You don’t seem to ever have time for your friends, family or—most importantly!—yourself
  • You feel like a “single parent” rather than a partner in your relationship
  • You have been verbally attacked or put down in public by your partner
  • You have been cheated on, threatened or abused at least once in your relationship

No, this type of relationship could be a huge bomber for you if you are at the receiving end of it; and you could feel stuck in a toxic situation and may not be able to figure out how to get yourself out of there. But it gets much worse than that, where you literally feel like your partner needs professional help and that if he or she does not get that help, your life could be in danger.

This could result in you not only living in constant fear for your life but you could literally start feeling “hate” for the person you used to love. The problem for many people is that in spite of this negative feeling, they feel trapped in a loveless situation for any number of reasons including financial, co-dependency, or just their fears of the unknown.

There is no reason to stay miserable in a relationship for any reason – not even money. We all are searching for the same things in life, a good happy relationship where we feel safe and we are comfortable and we feel fulfilled. And we all deserve the best relationship we are willing to work for.

The only advice is to get out if it is that bad. Seriously.