Your Divorce Documents Checklist: What You Need to Take to Your Lawyer

Your Divorce Documents Checklist: What to Cart To Your Lawyer’s Office for the First Consultation

So you may have already read The Ultimate Divorce To Do List and also How to Design Your Divorce in 10 Steps.

I also recently wrote about how to figure out your net worth and net assets in this post because I think this is important for when you actually go to see your divorce lawyer.
But now you may be wondering what are the documents you need to take to your divorce lawyer.

Well, just so you know, no client ever has all documents on the first consultation so don’t panic about that. But it is nice when a client has as complete a dossier as possible because it makes the lawyer’s job a lot easier and it moves your case along a lot quicker. This list is not exhaustive.  I may keep updating it as I think of more stuff but for starters, you should have the following things in your divorce dossier:

  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Postnuptial agreements
  • Separation agreements if applicable
  • Tax returns for the last three years
  • Business tax returns if applicable
  • Pay stubs for the last six months to one year for you and your spouse
  • copies of all bank account statements for the last 6 months up to the date of separation
  • Photo IDs of you and your spouse
  • Copies of Social Security cards for you and your spouse
  • Divorce worksheets that you created of your net worth and net income
  • Mortgage statements
  • Title deeds for properties owned by you and your spouse
  • Brokerage and securities statements for stocks, bonds, IRAS, etc
  • Employment manuals
  • Wills & trust
  • Loan statements
  • relevant contracts
  • Itemized accounting of safety deposit boxes
  • Evidence you may have of cheating such as emails and screenshots from the Internet
  • Royalty statements, if applicable
  • any other statements or documents that you believe prove the existence of assets and liabilities and net worth of your marriage