Average Cost of Divorce in UK Skyrockets in "Post Brexit Era" to £70,000!

A slew of recent reports suggests that while the rate of divorce is plummeting in England, the actual average cost to untie marital bonds is skyrocketing in the country. Indeed, it has been suggested by experts and recent surveys that on average, it takes about £70,000 to get properly divorced in UK and half of that is lawyers fees for high priced divorce solicitors.

According to one report in Sunday Express, experts see this trend as “highly destabilizing” for couples who routinely are rendered significantly poorer after a divorce – losing everything including practically the shirts on their backs in some cases.

The only saving grace, as mentioned above is the fact that fewer people are actually seeking divorces in the nation’s clogged family tribunals. Experts are attributing the drop in divorce rates to older first time spouses; as well as higher numbers of couples who first cohabit and thus are able to weed out Mr. and Ms. Wrong before making a disastrous spousal choice.

Nevertheless, it is noteworthy that post-Brexit, Brits can expect to pay even higher fees to untie the knot.