On Being Under 30 and Divorced

I am under thirty but I have never married and certainly I have never divorced. I have never even shacked up with anyone (although I do spend a lot of time at my boyfriend’s place these days). But this demographic of people under 30 seems to be a very busy bunch indeed. My contemporaries all seem to be divorced, or have been shacking up to avoid having to divorce if it doesn’t work out.

Why do people under 30 get married in the first place? Some do because they become pregnant and they marry so that the baby will be “legit.” I can’t believe people still think like that but a lot of young people seem to. I thought that went out with my mother’s generation and she came up in the 1960s.

Other people get married young because they are just infatuated with the idea of having a husband or a wife. Really, I don’t know why someone would give up all this freedom to get tied down and bugged down with marriage because it hardly ever seems to work out.

I was reading online on a few blogs to see what people are saying about this and a lot of women really seem to be happy and celebrate when they divorce and are under 30 – especially if they don’t have kids. They really relish their sexual freedom and their ability to start all the way over and the possibility of finding new love and maybe even have a family is still so great because of their young age.

A few people seem to relish the idea of traveling after a divorce when they are so young. It is common to go backpacking in Europe or South America for a lot of young people who find themselves divorced under 30.

It is not my place to judge. As I said I am under 30 but the idea of marriage is unthinkable to me right now. If I find the right guy and we fall in love and he wants to get married and I am under 30, I don’t think I would say “no.” But it is definitely not something I am chasing because I think I need to figure out who I am first before I get married. I need to know what I want out of life and I need to learn to be independent. I don’t want to depend on a man for my survival. Plus, I don’t want to get bogged down with kids and stuff like that right now. My boyfriend has kids but they live on the West Coast and so it is not something I have to deal with and to tell you the truth, secretly I dread if we got married and I had to be bogged down with kids. I think it could lead to our divorce.

I think the reason so many people under 30 end up divorced is because they had no business getting married so young in the first place.