Uma Thurman and Arpad Busson's Nasty Custody Trial in Manhattan Supreme is Almost Over, Thank God

Who wants to sit there and listen to testimony about Uma Thurman’s pill-popping and her boozing after 6 P.M? Me!!! But the judge in Uma Thurman and Arpad Busson’s custody trial (they are fighting over their 4 year old daughter) sustained Uma’s lawyers objections that the questioning about her boozing and pill-popping were irrelevant as to whether Uma is a fit custodial parent. How boring, eh? If we are not going to get any of the juicy stuff, they might as well end the darn thing right now, as far as I’m concerned. Arpad and his lawyer are really trying to paint Uma as a mentally unstable druggie with an alcoholic bent.

I just found this in the NY Post:

The trial is expected to conclude next week. Busson is seeking more time with his daughter. He wants to spend 10 days a month with her in his homes and London and the Bahamas. He also wants to share decisions about the girl’s education and medical care with Thurman. The actress says the international travel is too much for their 4-year-old

I actually think I agree with Uma. What about you?