Meghan MARKLE Seduced an Heir to the British Throne: Not Bad for an American divorcée


(#Meghan Markle seduced)

Meghan Markle seduced
How did this American actress seduce an heir to the British throne so quickly?!

35 years old, and three years older than Prince Harry of the House of Windsor, Meghan Markle seduced the Prince in a very short period of time. Miss Markle is a blog mistress of a website called The Tig and an actress in the popular American series Suits. She is half African American. She is a divorcée. She is rumoured to be the sparkle in Prince Harry’s heart at the moment. (#Meghan Markle seduced)

Meghan’s ex-husband Trever Engelson, who is a film director, reportedly still keeps pictures of their Jamaican wedding in 2011 on his Facebook page. But, the quintessential gentleman, Mr. Engelson has declined to discuss Meghan and the reason for their divorce. Rumour has it that a part of the reason could involve Meghan’s alleged crush on a Canadian hockey player named Michael Del Zotto – a charge Meghan has denied through her publicist, who has explained that Meghan has “never been alone” with Del Zotto. Meghan has been linked to other fabulously attractive heterosexual males. One recent article made this claim about Ms. Markle: “since her divorce, Markle has also been linked to Northern Irish golfer Rory McIlroy and Canadian celebrity chef Cory Vitiello,” before rumors about Prince Harry started to fly. (#Meghan Markle seduced)

It is not that Harry Windsor (aka Prince Harry) is a stranger to the institution of divorce. His aunt Princess Anne as well as his uncle Prince Andrew, both of whom Harry is close to, have been divorced. Harry’s own parents Diana the Princess of Wales and Charles Prince of Wales were parties to the most infamous divorce of the 19th, 20th and 21st Centuries combined. Infidelity was a huge part of the demise of the marriage of Harry’s parents. It has been written about Harry’s parents divorce that:

Charles still carried a torch for his old girlfriend, the then-Camilla Parker Bowles. Diana famously said of Charles’s relationship Camilla, “There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.” Both were unfaithful throughout their 14-year union, but stuck with it because, as Diana said, they “didn’t want to disappoint the public.”

The press has tried its best to dig up as much dirt on Meghan as they possibly could find although not much seems to be known about her divorce. Harry and Meghan have been very good about keeping a low profile since their relationship was revealed and she certainly has not given any interviews about her past. (#Meghan Markle seduced)

There have been a lot of rumors about the two for several months now, but they have been rather discreet, only having been photographed a couple of times over the Christmas holidays en route to a West End theatre show in London West End The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. But they are definitely together and it’s serious because the Prince even issued a communiquer calling the press on racist coverage of his girlfriend. And she reportedly met his sister in law Kate Middleton at Princess Diana’s former London residence, Kensington Palace (and of course, she has reportedly met Prince William as well)

The Toronto based Markle, who is actually American from Los Angeles,  flies to London frequently to be with her royal boyfriend. According to a recent Vanity Fair article, it appears he has given her a precious jewel for Christmas – a his/her necklace with an “H” and  “M” hanging from it. (#Meghan Markle seduced)

Could the two ever tie the knot? And if so, how will Buckingham Palace respond to Prince Harry marrying an American divorcée? It certainly would not be the first time that the British throne has had to face this very issue of one of the top royals marrying an American divorcée. Remember King Edward VII and Wallis Simpson? If not, a short summary from People Magazine:


A constitutional crisis! Could Harry’s love for American divorcée Meghan Markle (they call her “Meg” across the pond) result in a constitutional crisis? As we speak, Harry and Meghan are reportedly heading to the Norwegian Fjords. According to the Sun:

Then they jetted into the remote and beautiful town of Tromso on the Norwegian fjords, where they enjoyed trips on the lake, whale-watching and spectacular sunsets in the snow. Then they cuddled up to watch the magnificent Aurora Borealis light up the night skies on their first holiday together.

It certainly sounds cozy between those two, doesn’t it? What is the secret to her success? (#Meghan Markle seduced)!

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