6 Ridiculously expensive watches to give your "just divorced" guy friend as a "cheer up" present

6 Expensive Watches to Give Your Guy Friend Who Recently Got Divorced.

Looking for expensive watches to give your guy friend whose heart is broken from a divorce?

Look no further. We have compiled the ‘it” list of expensive watches to give your guy friend. These watches are sick.  And each would make a perfect “thank god you finally got out of there” parting shot gift for your guy friend who needs some post-divorce cheering up. Careful. Some of these are not cheap:

1. Breitling Men’s Evolution Watch With Custom Added 15ct Of Genuine Diamonds

This 15-carat diamond watch is relatively inexpensive at $10,000.00. Both the bracelet and case material are made of steel. The dial is blue. The company overall dates back to the 19th century. They are swiss, of course, and they have built a reputation for making aviation friendly pilot watches.

Supplying the World of Aviation

Breitling is probably the most renowned Swiss manufacturer of pilot’s watches; they’ve enjoyed an excellent reputation in this field for decades. They offer everything from the legendary Navitimer to high-tech watches with quartz movements and functions. Many Breitling timepieces are specially designed to meet the demands of modern aviation, allowing the wearer to calculate flight data or emit an emergency signal. The name Breitling represents top-quality, appealing watches that stand out thanks to their high-quality technology, sturdiness, and design.
However, this doesn’t just apply to pilot’s watches. Breitling also offers a large selection of underwater watches, and appeals to fans of tool watches with the Superocean and Avenger series. Altogether, Breitling has a dozen different collections, most of which are powered by mechanical movements.

2. Heuer Chrono  – The Skipper

This yachting vintage timepiece is great for a guy who likes the ocean and sailing and boats and yachts and stuff like that. It is not that expensive. Around $6000 to $7000.  Here is a Bloomberg quote on this timepiece:

The Heuer Skipper was specially designed for yacht racing. It’s a basic enough chronograph, technically speaking, but the markings on the dial let you get ready for that next regatta. To start a race, boats circle in a starting area and aren’t allowed to cross a starting line until a given time. You can’t exactly line catamarans up on blocks. The big red-white-and-blue counter at 3 o’clock counts down from 15 minutes so you know exactly when to turn sails to the wind.

3. Omega Speedmaster 105.003

This is a nice watch for a guy who is into astronomy and why? Because it is the watch that Ed White wore when he walked on the moon. Here is a quote about the timepiece:

There are Speedmasters and then there are Speedmasters. An automatic Speedmaster is pretty solid. A manually wound Speedmaster Professional is solid. A manually wound Speedmaster Professional with a 321 Caliber in it is really solid. A manually wound Speedmaster PRE-Professional with 321 caliber, straight lugs and no crown guards dating to 1965 is borderline epic.

This 1965 Omega Speedmaster Reference 105.003 is dubbed the “Ed White” reference because it was indeed the watch he wore during his historic space walk, becoming the first American ever to do so. This reference was made for a short period of time before the 145.012 reference that was chosen by NASA to accompany White’s colleagues to the moon.

4. Breguet Type XX

French Luxury watchmakers. Dates all the way back to the 18th century – 1775 when the fondateur Louis Breguet went to apprentice in Versailles. His clients included Marie Antoinette, Joséphine and Napoleon. Monsieur Breguet was forced to quit France during the revolution but returned in 1795 to resurrect his brand:

Abraham-Louis Breguet quitte sa région natale de Neuchâtel à l’adolescence. Il effectue son apprentissage d’horloger à Versailles et à Paris. C’est en 1775 qu’il ouvrira son atelier dans l’île de la Cité à Paris; grâce à l’abbé Marie, qui le prend sous son aile, il sera présenté à la cour de France qui ne tarde pas à faire partie de la clientèle du jeune horloger. Forcé de quitter la France aux sombres heures de la Révolution, il y revient dès 1795 pour poursuivre son activité.

There are many models of Breguets to choose from for the discerning man including the Breguet Transatlantique Type XXI Flyback 10 Hz which costs about $15,000 and is a very nice watch indeed.

5. Rolex Daytona Paul Newman

So this watch has a lot of history. It was inspired of course by actor Paul Newman who is considered by many to have been the “king of cool.” In 2008 when he died, it has been said that none other than Arnold Schwazenegger said the following about Paul:

“Paul Newman was the ultimate cool guy who men wanted to be like and women adored. He was an American icon, a brilliant actor, a Renaissance man and a generous but modest philanthropist. He entertained millions in some of Hollywood’s most memorable roles ever, and he brightened the lives of many more, especially seriously ill children, through his charitable works. Paul was one of a kind. The beloved film star will be missed by a world of fans and admirers.”

So it is fitting that Rolex has modeled a watch after him. Both Paul and the Rolex Daytona have been compared and defined as “strikingly handsome, timeless, cool, sporty, racy, rugged, mystical, charismatic and sturdy.” This watch is for the guy who you think is likewise striking, cool, racy and charismatic. It is pricey. So brace yourself.

6. Jaeger-Lecoultre

This watch, which has been described as effortlessly stylish,” is for a guy of refined and understated tastes who likes sailing, style and sleek design. The Jaeger Lecoultre is known for its superior movement. Per Wikipédia:

In 1903, Paris-based watchmaker to the French Navy, Edmond Jaeger, challenged Swiss manufacturers to develop and produce the ultra-thin movements that he had invented.

Jacques-David LeCoultre, Antoine’s grandson who was responsible for production at LeCoultre & Cie., accepted the challenge, giving rise to a collection of ultra-thin pocket watches, including the thinnest in the world in 1907, equipped with the LeCoultre Calibre 145 [see section 1.4.4]. The same year, French jeweller Cartier, one of Jaeger’s clients, signed a contract with the Parisian watchmaker under which all Jaeger movements for a period of fifteen years would be exclusive to Cartier. The movements were produced by LeCoultre.[ Edmond Jaeger also acquired the patent for the atmospherically driven clock Atmos from its inventor Jean-Léon Reutter and licensed it to LeCoultre from 1936 for France, and in 1937 for Switzerland.

Find out more about this timepiece here. This page could be in french but if you understand french you will be able to read it and if not, try to get a translation. Be assured that this watch is envied and admired for its style and design. “So impressive are Jaeger-LeCoultre movements that many other respected watch manufacturers use them in their own watches; Audemars Piguet, Panerai and Cartier, to name but three.

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