Lawyer Anthony Zappin fired from Mintz Levin Law Firm After NY Appellate Court Upheld Sanctions for Misconduct in his Divorce Action

Anthony Zappin is a lawyer who worked for a big firm Mintz Levin in New York. When he was embroiled in a divorce action, Mr. Levin is accused of misusing and abusing his superior position as a Columbia University of Law graduate to bully and intimidate others, and to lie about one of the judges in the action. In short, he is accused of acting in “bad faith.” He was sanctioned 10K for his alleged misconduct by the lower courts and this sanction was upheld on appeal. Mr. Zappin claims that the appellate courts were trying to protect the judge by imposing the sanctions. According to the ABA Journal:

Zappin did “everything in his power to undermine the legal process and use his law license as a tool to threaten, bully and intimidate, seriously calling into question his fitness to practice law,” Cooper wrote in his September 2015 sanctions order.

Cooper said Zappin accused a previous judge in the case of lying and made “frankly outrageous” attacks on the judge during a March 2015 hearing. Cooper also said Zappin “actively campaigned to impugn” the reputation of a lawyer representing the interests of Zappin’s son. Zappin also filed a disciplinary complaint against the psychiatrist hired to evaluate the boy.

Zappin is a 2010 graduate of Columbia University School of Law. He told the New York Law Journal that the appellate decision is “an attempt to insulate Justice Cooper” from allegations contained his lawsuit against the judge. The suit claims Cooper engaged in “extrajudicial conduct” by sending copies of his sanctions order to several publications.

Right after he received word that he had lost his appeal, Mr. Zappin was let go by Mintz Levin. Now he will probably have to strike out on his own since it will be difficult for him to find work in another law firm because most would think he is radio-active.