A Dubai Divorce Court Grants French Couple a Divorce But Wife Yassmina Trapped in UAE

A french couple obtained a divorce in Dubai then the husband fled the country with the children’s passport, leaving the wife penniless and with no way to support herself in the country or leave with her children.  Even though he has left the country and she is trapped there, the wife is still subject to the whim of her husband under the laws of Dubai. She has to go where he goes and do as he says. Of course, what he has told the court is that his wife is insane and needs professional help. His charges were disputed and ultimately disregarded by the court for lack of evidence. Meanwhile, she accused her husband of abuse.

The wife, going by the name Yassmina, took to the media to beg the public to help her with her plight after her husband allegedly left her destitute:

The Gulf News:

“Recently, I opened a case file before a judge of urgent matters and demanded that the court ruling, which is in my favour, be implemented. Currently, I have been left with nothing. No income and no savings, which I have mostly spent to fight my legal battle. When I couldn’t pay for my lawyer, the latter was kind enough to allow me to work at his firm to be able to pay the judicial fees. I am pleading to the public or the good hearted and benevolent Samaritans to help me find a job to be able to support my children. My life and that of my children has turned upside down … I am in a destitute situation and I don’t want us to end up in the streets. Soon I might be facing legal action by creditors and lenders … I might even end up in jail if I don’t get a job to settle my finances,” said Yassmina.

She is French-Moroccan. Just 5 months ago, she contacted a lawyer in Lyon seeking help with her situation. There have been no recent updates on her situation but one can only hope that she has found a solution.