How to Host the Perfect Divorce Dinner Party With Your Ex

A lot of people out there can handle their divorce with class and panache. They even throw divorce parties to help their friends and family get over their awkwardness and move on with them to their new status as happy, friendly exes – like this California couple who got a lot of press for their own divorce party. One caveat: if you and your spouse are not absolutely in agreement that you are ready to “celebrate” your divorce with a dinner party or any other type of event, refrain from putting yourselves in this risky position because things can, and often, and do get ugly in a scenario such as that.

But it is normal nowadays to celebrate a divorce. People routinely are throwing divorce parties and so this post is about hosting your own DIVORCE DINNER PARTY with your ex. A great one:

Step one: Keep things simple to reduce stress and cut down on prep time.

Step two: Cook what you know. That means don’t try out anything new and complicated just in case it doesn’t work out. There are other times to experiment that are better than your divorce dinner party.

Step three: Do the shopping efficiently by preparing a list in advance. Try to have everything bought and ready at least two days before the party.

Step four: Do a checklist of all the things that need to be done and keep ticking things off your list. This allows you to plan well over a few days rather than leave things last minute.

Step five: Serve a simple cocktail or white wine with finger nibblers

Step six: Carefully select your guests. Since it’s a dinner party, only the most intimate and closest friends and family should be invited. The maximum number is 10 although 6 guests plus you and your husband should be enough. In all you should have between 8 – 12 people at the party.

Step seven: Be sure to send out invitations early and get RSVPs so you know exactly what to expect

Step eight: Ask your guests about allergies and other food sensitivities in advance.

Step nine: Be sure to share the work of planning the party with your ex and not leave all the heavy lifting to one spouse. But it does not have to be 50/50 so don’t fight over who is doing the most. Just help out as much as you possibly can. If one of you is better as the delegator, fine. Delegate to the other. And hire help if necessary and possible.

Step ten: Should you invite the children? If they are old enough, why not?
Step eleven: Be sure to give yourself enough time to be relaxed and well-groomed for your guests (get manicure, shave, etc)

Step twelve: Don’t forget the music, lighting and dessert. Select your music it in advance and make it self-operating. Dimmer lights work best than glaring, bright disco flashers. As for dessert, make it simple and sweet or just go for after dinner tea.

Step Thirteen: Set the dinner table the night before, if possible.

Step fourteen: Don’t forget to have fun!

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