I Will Never Get Married Again!

Sure, this is how you feel right now, fresh out of divorce court after a blistering two years of back and forth between attorneys, you and your spouse. You have been burned big time. And it is not just the process of divorce. It could have also been the marriage itself. Marriage can be hard if you pick the wrong person to tie the knot with. And a lot of people straight up pick the wrong person.

But I am here to tell you that “never” is a long time and it is a famous last word and right now, even though you mean it with all your heart that you will never marry again, don’t be surprised if within two years you are once again walking down the aisle.

It is a question of biology. Human beings are hardwired to desire and crave and seek love and companionship. We don’t get to choose that. You can only harden your heart so much and for so long against that and then this amazing person walks into your life and bam!

There you go again.

But right after a divorce, it is ok to stop for a minute and be still and reflect and take time to be alone. It is ok to fly solo for a little bit. But don’t swear off marriage. Time will heal all your wounds and soon, love will come knocking on your door once again. 🙂