CAIRO: Divorces to Become More Difficult to Obtain if President Abdel-Fatteh el-Sissi Has His Way

Did you know that in Egypt and many Muslim countries, it is a man’s prerogative to divorce his wife simply by saying “I divorce you” to her three times? Apparently, this practice has led to an explosion of divorces in Egypt – about 900,000 per year – and the president wants to do something about it.

What does he want to do? How about a New York Times article which claims he wants the divorces to be done in the presence of a “maazoun.” In case you are wondering, this is a cleric specifically authorized to “officiate marriage and divorce.”

This seems sensical in a way that allowing a person to simply break a marital commitment by saying “I divorce you” three times seems nonsensical. And I say that with all due respect. The Egyptian president is right to institute a change. If for nothing else, to benefit the children of these marriages.