Do Black Men Cause the High Divorce Rate in Their Marriages By Refusing to Get Mental Help?

A lot of people in the black community still believe in this day and age that therapy is for white people. Black men in particular would prefer to jump out of a helicopter over Afghanistan (without a parachute) than go see a psychiatrist. The notion of going to marriage counseling even if it would safe their marriage is simply not one that the average black man is going to entertain. Why is this? On a certain level, it is as if they equate mental strength with physical strength and the average black man jealously guards his physical strength. This is fundamental to his masculinity. So if he is physically strong, then he better also be mentally strong because a weak mind or emotions are just as devastating as a weak muscle in his arms or thighs.

This aversion to “mental help” is very ironic because as a group (of course there are the exceptions) Blacks tend to have a way higher rate of divorce than other groups. And further, as a group, black men probably have a lot more reasons to see a shrink than other groups – not the least of which is their difficult status in society. It is not hard to imagine that the everyday struggles of their daily lives make it home with them in the post 6 o’clock hours, and that these unique difficulties and challenges affect the way they interact with their wives and children.

Getting professional help with dealing with some of this stuff mentally and emotionally can’t do more harm than is already being inflicted. The question is, how do you convince the average brother/black husband that he needs to go talk to a shrink? Good luck with that.

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