7 types of wives who will get dumped within 7 years of their marriage

These are the types of wives whose marriages will implode in seven years or less:

  1. The wife who has no passion for her own

It is so important for a wife to have her own interests and her own passions and not to depend on her husband for her every bit of entertainment and pleasure. It is not his job to make her happy it is her own job to make herself happy and this she does by finding a passion of her own. The risk of not having a passion of her own is that her husband will grow tired and frustrated with constantly having to fix her. And he will ask for a divorce.

     2. The obsessed helicopter mother/wife who puts the children before her spouse.

The mother who puts her children before her spouse risks pushing him into the arms of a more available woman. Men need attention and devotion. They need alone time with their wives. That is why some of them either do not want children or wish to put off having children for as long as possible. But there are those wives who either misunderstand that, or who do understand but do not care about the consequences. They are literally obsessed with their children and they make no bones about the fact that their children are more important to them than their spouse. This is a big mistake and their marriage will not survive.

    3. The impossible to please nag & complainer wife

There are those wives who are borderline neurotic and everything – even the things that should be fun and light-hearted – becomes something to complain about. They will say to you “my husband is making me go skiing in the alps. I am so miserable to have to go!”  If that is all they complain about, it is not so bad but there are certain types of wives who complain about everything, on a daily basis. Plus, their husbands can never do anything right. No matter which way he goes he feels he cannot please his wife. He will grow weary of this woman and run for his life eventually – if she does not stop this behavior and get these tendencies under control.

     4. The irrationally jealous wife

It is one thing to be jealous for a cause or with a reason and another thing to be jealous just to be jealous. Clearly, if a woman’s husband is talking about another woman all the time (for example, somebody at work) she has a right to look into that and yes, she has a right to be jealous if she thinks something does not add up about his affection, interest and intention. If he is checking out other women in her presence, she has a right to be jealous. If he has changed his habits and is not coming home on time, and she finds lipstick on his collar, these are “rational” reasons for her to be jealous. But if she has a perfectly trustworthy, faithful husband who she continually accuses – without justification – of cheating, she could definitely wear him down and push him out of the door.

     5. The overweight, lazy, possibly unemployed couch potato wife

The wife who is a hot mess is probably going to find herself single and looking within seven years of her marriage. The only exception would be that he married her and she was already an overweight, lazy, unemployed couch potato. That means he does not care about those things and he is probably just like her. But if he married her expecting a wife who would take care of herself, work, work-out, and someone who would keep herself busy doing things in her life and then she morphs into this hot mess before his eyes, this could become a problem. There could be psychological reasons why she is behaving in this way and some husbands will be patient enough for her to get help and work on her issues. But many others will just bolt from this creature within the seven year mark of the marriage.

       6. The cheater wife who gets caught

Cheating and getting caught is fatal and surely if it happens within seven years of marriage, there is a 90 percent chance that the marriage will end in divorce – at a minimum.  Even these days where cheating is becoming a gender neutral phenomenon, more marriages still implode when it is the wife who cheats on the husband.