Diary of Angelina Jolie

A fictitious journal entry of Hollywood Actress Angelina Jolie
Dear Diary
I am just sitting here looking out at the Pacific Ocean feeling a little bit bereft. Like, I don't have anything. Like I am empty. I feel empty. Why do I feel so empty? I look around at all these things. None of them are recognizable, nothing belongs to me. I don't own anything.
I am angry. I feel all this anger towards Brad. He betrayed me. He betrayed us. He betrayed our family. He defiled our family and I hate him. I feel hatred for him for that.  Nobody knows what it is like to have this love that you think is so impentrable and then this happens, out of nowhere. He broadsides you and betrays you and you just can't be the same anymore.

I cry myself to sleep every single night and then I wake up and I have to listen to all this garbage from the lawyers and then I read all this garbage on the Internet. I am the bad guy! I am the one to blame for all of this! Everybody hates Angelina! Angelina is the devil. What was I supposed to do? What?

I did not steal Brad Pitt from his wife. I never did anything to encourage him to leave his wife. I was very clear and very open and very honest about how I dealt with this situation. He is the one who came after me. He pursued me. He knows that and he knows the truth. I never slept with this man prior to his separation from his wife. But I am still this femme fatale and this homewrecker in everybody's eyes and he is innocent. He is Mr Innocent. Imagine it.

Was  supposed to just leave my children open to this type of situation indefinitely? How many times did I ask for, plead for change? I couldn't do it anymore. Not even for love.

I did love him. I did. As much as I can love anybody I loved him and I trusted him and I believed we would be together and raise this little family together and be parents together. I tried my best to make it work. I tried harder than I ever tried anything else in my life.  But it wasn't enough to conquor all his demons. And of course I am not perfect. I know I am not perfect.

But my children. I will do anything for my children and to protect my children and their wellbeing. This divorce is about their wellbeing.

This makes me a bad person. I am a bad person.

My tears are rolling off the table onto the floor. But everybody thinks I am a bad person for ending Brangelina.