The terms "gay marriage" and "gay divorce" should be prohibited

I am one of those people who think that if you are American you are American. There shouldn’t be a need to qualify that. For example “African American” or “Asian American” or “Hispanic American.” I find these terms mildly off-putting. You don’t, for example, hear people refer to themselves as “European American.” or even “white American.” So why do all the other groups feel they need to qualify their “American-ness”?

I am starting to think the same thing about “gay marriage” and “gay divorce.” Why is it necessary to qualify that a divorce is a “gay divorce”? Do the issues of spousal support and custody change when you are gay versus not gay? Are there special situations that need to be considered just based on a person’s sexual life? So your husband is a man and you are a man, suddenly what? The court has to take what into consideration that is not taken into consideration when your husband is a man and you are a woman?

Perhaps there are special issues. If the couple has children, for example, obviously these will not be biological….but then again, these could be biological but they will not be biological parents together. So one of the parents could have adopted the child. But adoption also occurs in marriages between heterosexuals. So this issue is not unique.

It is easier to understand the fixation on the term “gay marriage” since it is a relatively new thing than it is to understand the “gay divorce.” Maybe the adjective should be dropped just like it should be dropped when Americans describe themselves.

An American is an American just like a marriage is a marriage and a divorce is a divorce.
No qualifiers needed.

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