How to get a quickie annulment

Pope Francis has made revolutionary changes to annulment rules in the Catholic Church. I found this out as I was working on another post about my own annulment which will be published on this website shortly.

But in the meantime, here are the reasons you can use to get out of your marriage if divorce is not an option because you are Catholic. You have to demonstrate the following to your bishop:

  • lack of faith resulting in the simulation of consent to be married or an error that determines the will regarding one of the requirements of marriage

  • the brevity of married life (i.e., the couple divorced very quickly after being married)

  • procured abortion to prevent procreation (presumably during the marriage itself, prior to bearing other children and thus showing an unwillingness to procreate)

  • the stubborn persistence in a extramarital affair at the time of the wedding or at a time immediately following

  • the malicious concealment of:

    • infertility
    • a serious contagious disease
    • children born from a previous relationship
    • an incarceration
  • a reason for getting married that is completely foreign to married life (presumably something like entering a legal fiction of a marriage to be able to immigrate or gain an inheritance) or consisting of the unplanned pregnancy of the woman

  • the physical violence inflicted to extort the consent to marry

  • the lack of use of reason proved by medical documents