Want to Save Your Marriage? Repeat this phrase: "It's My Fault that My Marriage is not Meeting My Expectations"

That’s right. Don’t blame your spouse for the implosion of your marriage. Look at yourself and all your unrealistic expectations. How did you contribute to this marital meltdown without meaning to? So many possible ways. For example, you did it by:

  • Being judgmental
  • Not listening
  • Wanting everything to be your way or the highway
  • Being unhelpful
  • Being too critical
  • Being too perfect
  • Being holier than thou
  • Being insensitive
  • Being blind, deaf and mute
  • Being vile
  • Being passionless
  • Being violent (emotionally or physically)
  • Being silent
  • Being loud

There are so many different things that you did or could have done to create and/or contribute to this situation. So why don’t you get over yourself and those lofty ambitions and expectations and get real about your marriage and about this person and about yourself?

You don’t live in a perfect world and trading your spouse in for a “better” spouse is probably not going to be a successful trade. Because it is not your spouse that is the problem. It’s you. Your expectations are totally and wholly unrealistic.

And nobody has been brave enough to bleeping tell you this so we thought we would tell it to you here on Divorce Saloon.

Voilà. You’ve been told.

Thank you and goodnight.