How Many People Are There in Melania Trump's Marriage?

Is Melania Trump Heading For Divorce From Donald Trump?

Poor Melania Trump.

Since his inauguration on January 20th, the world cannot stop commenting on Donald Trump’s wife Melania. People almost universally seem to believe that she looked miserable at the inauguration and that they are not in a happy marriage. At least, this was the perception. One body language expert remarked that Melania is nothing but an object for her husband and that “if you didn’t know they were married, you wouldn’t know they were married.”
The Trump’s marriage routinely is found lacking when compared to, say, the Obama’s whose relationship seems a lot more natural and a lot warmer.

Perception is not always reality but there are many signs that seem to point to the fact that the Donald/Melania marriage is not the most lovey Dovey situation there is. It is not Nancy Reagan and Ronald Reagan. It is not Bill and Hillary. It is not John and Jackie. There seems to be something fundamental that is missing.

What is it?

This is hard to diagnose but one thing could be that there are too many people in that marriage. Princess Diana once famously said that “there were always three people in this marriage and it got to be a little bit crowded.” She hit a nail on the head with that statement. Because a marriage that has more than two people in it is not going to be a very happy and harmonious situation.

Donald Trump does not appear to put his wife Melania above all others. The operative word is “appear.” He very well may be a very happily married man who adores his wife and she him and in private they may have the warmest marriage and the most loved up couple. But publicly they look miserable, it is true, and we all have to admit that to ourselves. Certain things have raised the red flag.

First of all, all he ever talks about his favorite daughter Ivanka. He seems to put Ivanka first above his wife.  She is definitely a third wheel in this marriage and it cannot possibly make his wife feel very validated and happy and in her right place in his sentiment, life and heart. He puts his daughter on a pedestal and seems to ignore his wife in the process. Over time, years say, this can grate a person to the point of no return where they just tune out. Melania seems to have tuned out and she seems to be in this thing for more contractual reasons. The marriage is a contract. The prenup is a contract. The postnup is a contract. She fulfills her contractual obligations. But nothing more. She refuses to compete with his daughter Ivanka. She just lets Ivanka be the one.

Why doesn’t Melania have  a store in Trump Tower that says “Melania Trump”? It is Ivanka that has a store in Trump Tower.

Why isn’t Ivana Melania moving to the White House? It is Ivanka and her husband who have moved to Washington to play the role of” First daughter” while Melania stays at home in Manhattan.

Why didn’t President Trump help his wife from the car when they arrived at the inauguration? Those memes and gifs that show that whole day’s event is damning, frankly, in terms of disproving this notion that they are madly, head over heels in love. He simply appears to be oblivious and uncaring of his wife. In my opinion.

Could that be the reason she was so absent from the campaign trail?

He never once defended her when those nude photos dropped in the New York Post. He is a man who is very petty as far as fights he picks with people over the smallest little thing. To this day he never said a word about those horrible NY Post times nude/practically pornographic photos that dropped of his wife. He left her to squirm and deal with that all by herself.

He also apparently still keeps a bikini shot photo of ex wife Marla on his desk at Trump Tower. This is a Rumor. I don’t know if it is fact. But if it is true, this is another person in that marriage. So now we are up to four people at least: him, Melania, Ivanka and now Marla.

Marla was at the inauguration (and she created controversies of her own when she allegedly tried to get free hair and makeup from this up and coming artist in exchange for publicising the woman but that is another story.)

Finally, he seems to still be very good friends with his first wife Ivana. She is the one years ago who allegedly advised him to run for president and he trusts her judgment. She is the mother of his three oldest children who he cherishes more than anyone else in the world – including, seemingly his daughter Tiffany who he hardly ever talks about. Certainly not nearly as much as he talks about Ivanka.

So that makes how many people in that marriage? Five. There are about five people in Melania Trump’s marriage. If princess Diana thought that three people were a crowd, what should Melania say about five people?

Do you think they are going to get a divorce?

Or do they have an agreement?