Post Divorce Valentine's Day Horoscope Predictions 2017

This is a compilation of love quips, solutions and predictions based on your zodiac sign. It is meant to coincide with Valentine’s Day.


You will meet someone with serious potential in October this year. It is just a meeting. What happens next is completely up to you. He will be galant, and generous or if the person is of the female persuasion, she will be very stylish and just a very nice person. The problem is that he or she is not as physically attractive as you would prefer. So it is going to be up to you what to prioritize. Nice and Generous and Stylish versus a more gorgeous option.


You will have a funny encounter before Winter is over. The person will be introduced to you by a trusted friend. Your first date will involve food and it is during the eating that the mirth and humor of this person will impress you. This could be the one.


Recently divorced Geminis or those still hammering out their split are not in the mood for love at this time. It doesn’t mean love won’t find you and come knocking on your door, however reluctantly you choose to open. Your delicate emotional state is actually a turn on for this person in a perverse kind of way. Be careful. But consider taking the chance if you think it is worth the risk.


Your divorce was probably one you won’t soon forget and you have sworn off love. But in November, you will meet someone spectacular. He or she is not so materialistic as your ex and even you may feel a bit superficial next to this person. You will have to put your materialistic and superficial tendencies to the side, though, otherwise this is not going to work out. Be more real.


You have had many broken hearts in this one life time but you always bounce back because the only thing you know how to do is be a lover. And a fighter. You fight for the right to be loved and to be in a loving relationship. This year, Leos who are divorced will find themselves fighting extra hard to find that special someone. But if anybody will win this, it will be you. Persevere. Love is coming soon to your house.


Ah, little Virgo. Your prelude to a kiss. Your world has been ruled for the longest time by Saturn, the planet of seriousness. Throughout your marriage – which recently ended to your relief, quite frankly –  You have almost forgotten what it means to be spontaneous in love. This will change very shortly as a very spontaneous and playful lover will make an arrival into your world. This has excellent potential to blossom into something long lasting.


Everything is possible with Jupiter, the planet of beauty and refinement and by the end of summer, you will feel like you are experiencing your second adolescence, you will be blooming like a rose. Various people will ask you if you have had work done as you will simply be radiant, healthy and gorgeous. It is for this reason that you will probably end up getting married by the end of this year to someone who simply completes you. It is rare to have this type of perfection. But this is your time, Libra.


You are one of the few divorced people who have already shacked up with a new someone in your post-divorce epoch. It is not going marvellously well, is it? Don’t worry though. Venus is in the house and you will meet a new person in April or May who will be a better match. One word of advice is that you need to try to be less manipulative because it is tending to ruin all your relationships.


Sag is galloping to the moon with a new love interest they have already found since their divorced was inked recently. Actually, this could be a problem because this new love is not going to work out and the old love (the ex spouse!) is going to be back in the picture by Christmas.


For Cappies, it will be a beautiful 2017 as far as love is concerned. A very intelligent, sensuous and affluent person will sweep you off your feet in a flurry of exciting dates & outings. This person simply puts you at ease in a way that is unusual for someone in your position and it is almost addictive the effect they have on you, the calming, loved up effect. Is this dopamine? Is this how it feels to have a dopamine rush? Maybe. But it’s nice, eh?


You will take a trip this year for work or pleasure, who knows and you will meet a very interesting person during this occasion. It won’t necessarily be a love match as much as it will be a sex match. The level of satisfaction, very frankly, will be off the charts for you. Sometimes, it is enough simply to have this type of connection. Not everything has to wind up down the aisle.


You will have to plot and plan your strategy of conquest with a very reluctant person who has caught your eye. It is someone you have known for many years, possibly the spouse of one of your associates or neighbors. Ethical considerations should not be completely ignored, however, there is also destiny. Some things were just meant to be…and others, not so much.