Marrying the Sibling of Your Ex Spouse is Legal but is it Kosher?

Marrying your ex-wife’s sister or your ex-husband’s brother?

Personally, I am not sure if I think this passes the puke test. This idea of getting hitched to the brother or sister of your ex-husband or wife. Imagine, you marry someone and you get divorced. Then you turn right around and marry his brother. Or something like that. It seems weird.

I would imagine that this could cause tremendous conflict in a marriage over time as well. I was told that one of the Jacksons (aka Germaine Jackson) actually married the ex-wife of one of his brothers. It sort of makes you wonder if these two (not just Germaine but anybody in this situation) were eyeing each other while the first marriage was still supposedly intact.
Something is icky about this notion, I think. But maybe I am being too prudish, who knows? I think it could cause tremendous conflict in a family and it could destroy the relationship between the siblings. Also, if there are children involved, they could be confused because they could have siblings who are also cousins. And this sounds really messy. I mean, it would give a whole new dimension to this notion of “blended family.” Wouldn’t it?

Although, if people love each other, I guess love conquers all and who am I to judge? For me, it is a little bit too icky. But if it works for other people then, I have no further comment.

What about you? What do you think about this?