Need to Sell the Marital Residence Quickly After Divorce? Try a Raffle!

DIVORCE & REAL ESTATE: Sell the Marital Residence Quickly

sell the marital residence
Need to sell the marital residence quickly? Be creative

# sell the marital residence:

For a lot of couples, the marital residence is their main asset. What to do with it after a divorce is always a big question and headache. Should they sell it? Should one of them buy the other out? Should the custodial parent get to live in it till the children turn 21 and then they can sell it? Should they just let it be repossessed? It is a lot of different possibilities.
But what if you just want to sell the marital residence as quickly as possible but you are having trouble finding the right buyer for the price that you want? Maybe you should try a raffle! A guy in England is doing just that. He is selling tickets for £2 pounds a pop and he reserves the right to sell the house in a traditional way with the money he’s raised going to a big prize giveaway if a traditional sale should occur.

There are ways to do it online so that you could attract unlimited buyers. Surely, there are local and national laws that you would have to first investigate to make sure you do this in a legitimate way that doesn’t wind up with you in a penitentiary. But that should be easy to do. And after, you would just jump start the bidding.

It’s ingenious, isn’t it? If you are able to attract enough takers, you could even make a hefty profit on the house. It is win win. Because you would make a hefty profit; you sell the house quick; and for one lucky person, it could mean getting a house, in some cases a mansion, for two bucks.

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