On Getting Dumped Because You Are "Too Beautiful"

I have been told often that I am a pretty girl. And I get hit on a lot. It is just a normal part of my day. I don’t say this to brag. I just say this because it is what it is. I do have my flaws. One being that I am a little bit chubby – especially for an Asian chick. But a lot of people tell me that my chubbiness makes me more attractive.

Why did I bring this up? To make you jealous? No. Because I got this idea for a post after I read an article about how “beautiful” women have such a hard time in society and at work and sometimes even in relationships. For one thing, people see them as bimbos, trophy wives and sex objects. For another thing, their spouses often don’t trust them.

It boggles my mind, frankly, because, if someone married a beautiful girl, then obviously, some things are going to go with the territory. People are going to look at her and check her out. Wasn’t that her appeal to begin with why you chose her as a spouse? So can you then turn around and turn her beauty against her?

There is this model I know who used to do nude work for a certain publication and her husband knew about it before they married. He had great lust for her and always raved about her sexiness. Then all of a sudden, she told me he turned on her and started to complain about her looks, saying that she dressed too sexy and that, well, he called her a whore on a few occasions, and he hit her in her face and she thinks he did that to ruin her looks. He frequently accused her of cheating.

They are getting divorced.

This is totally illogical and makes no sense to me. How can a man marry a woman because of her beauty and then turn around and divorce her because of her beauty?¬†Isn’t that not wanting your cake and eating it too? He cannot seriously expect to have it both ways.
What do you think? Are you or someone you know caught up in this beauty quagmire? And has it caused your marriage to completely disintegrate? Share your story with us.