Brad and Angelina are worth Half a Billion Bucks. Rumor Has it He Refused to Pay Her $100K Per Month Child Support


According to Forbes, together, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are worth $555,000,000. That is over half a billion dollars. It’s not a huge amount when you consider all the billionaires out there, in various industries, just casually banking cash. I mean, Brangelina is not even as rich as Donald Trump. It is a modest net worth when you consider everything. Presumably, there is a limit of how rich you can get making movies which might explain why Gwyneth Paltrow turned to Goop.

But with that said, there are all these rumors that Angelina is demanding $100K per month from Brad for child support for the six kids. It sounds implausible. If Angelina were going to demand child support, I would imagine it would be $100 per kid. Not $100K for six kids. What is she going to do with $100K for six kids given their lifestyle? You divide that by six and it is only £$20K or less per kid.

Whoever is spreading this rumor can’t possibly have their story right. They are missing a zero or two. I would think someone like Angelina might demand $1,000,000 per month for the six kids. That would be $12,000,000 per year. It sounds more up her ally and he certainly can afford that because he makes hundreds of millions some years with all those movies. Well, maybe tens of millions. But he can afford $12,000,000 per year to keep those kids living at the same standard as when they were together. She has to pay for private jets, private tutors and expensive hotels not to mention security for these kids and for herself till they turn 18 or 21. That is expensive! Definitely, $100,000 would not cut the muster. Even if it is not a million bucks a month (ok, I admit it would be a lot for child support but consider we are talking about six kids of movie stars here) it definitely is going to be a lot more than $100K.
But that is assuming Angelina retains sole custody.  If he gets joint custody he won’t have to pay her anything at all.