NEW YORK divorce: Skin Care Mogul Peter Thomas Roth and Wife Noreen Roth in a Boxing Match Over $500K Diamond

Peter Thomas Roth and Noreen Roth Manhattan Divorce heats up over $500K Diamond Earrings Belong to His Mother:

The Roths are getting divorced, says the NY Post. The multimillionaire couple own a successful skincare business in Manhattan and an impressive town house on the Upper East Side. They are said to be embroiled in a fight over diamond earrings valued at $500K and having some connection to Mr. Roth’s 94 year old mother who actually brought the suit against Mrs. Roth.

Mr. Roth, who was dating Brooke Mueller (Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife who has had a lot of problems with substance abuse in the recent past – so this pick of date material speaks volumes about this guy), is accused by Mrs. Roth of having set up his aged mom to distract from the divorce case.

The Post claims that it is Noreen who asked for the divorce and that Noreen “ditched” Peter and the kids and was shacking up in Queens with a new man. This claim is dubious because the same article claimed that Noreen and her husband are still cohabiting in their Manhattan townhouse only a few lines before the dubious claims about the man in Queens was made.
Whatever the truth of the matter, the couple is battling over close to $200 million in assets and property. And it is anything but amicable from the sound of it.