On Why Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady Could Divorce Soon After a Superbowl Win

So, I am not a sports fan and I don’t know anything about football. Let’s just start with that. But my man is a football fanatic and so even I know that the Superbowl was this past weekend and that the Patriots won and that Tom Brady is a hero and that it is his fifth straight career win and that the game went into overtime (which never happens apparently) and that everybody thought the Falcons were gonna win and people in Atlanta are just completely eviscerated and I know because my boyfriend is still in bed and cannot get up because he is so depressed about the Atlanta Falcons losing in overtime to the Patriots.
I did not watch the game.

But it made me think about Gisele Bündchen, the former supermodel and glamor girl who basically stole won Tom from his pregnant girlfriend Bridget Moynihan years back. It must have been love because they have been going strong for how long now?  Eight years? Ten years? And no divorce insight, right? Just more babies, big happy family and racking up Superbowl wins. This marriage is gonna last forever, right?


It is totally counterintuitive but actually, I think that all this excitement from the Superbowl could actually lead to stress in that relationship. Did you know that too much excitement can be as deadly as not enough? Happiness and joy, in excess can be very stressful.  It can be very hard to come down from this type of high and when you do, it is a big crash and then this is where the trouble begins and divorce could very well be the end result.

And Gisele clearly seems relieved that Tom won again. She posted the following on social media after his big superbowl win:

Wonderful things come to those who work hard with focus, tireless dedication and who never stop believing. Forever grateful for this moment. Congratulations my love!!#neverstopbeliving #lovemovesmountains #dedication #family #thankyouGod ✨🙏✨Coisas maravilhosas acontecem para aqueles que trabalham duro, com foco, dedicação incansável, e que nunca deixam de acreditar. Para sempre grata por este momento. Parabéns meu amor!! #nuncaparedeacreditar #oamormovemontanhas #dedicação #família #obrigadaDeus

It should be noted that just a few months ago, the couple were beset by rumors that their marriage was on the rocks although these pictures of them on the Amalfi Coast tend to dispute those rumors. My experience as an observer of people is that pictures don’t tell the whole story. For example, nobody took more beautiful pictures than Brangelina and look where they are today.

With that all said, I certainly do not wish Gisele and Tom any harm. They are pretty together and they have a cute set of kids, Vivian, Jack and Ben and they certainly have some nice real estate as well and hopefully they understand how important it is to balance all the emotions that have flooded them since the Superbowl and Gisele especially needs to be careful and remain vigilant in protecting their relationship knowing that after big events like this, a fifth Superbowl win for her husband Tom Brady, that it could spell marital discord and could ultimately lead them down the path to divorce.