On Having an Unfairly Blemished Reputation – That Strains Your Relationship

Do you have a blemished reputation? What do I mean by that? Well, has something happened in your life, in your past that has caused others to question your integrity, honesty, decency or sanity?

It is funny because in my own circles, there have been incidences where I’ve seen marriages crack up because of distrust that has turned out to be unwarranted. Sometimes it happens by accident. But other times there are busy bodies who do things on purpose to mar a person’s reputation and good name.

That is bad enough but then when the people closest to you start to question the very nature of you, your very character, your very essence because of these unfortunate, misguided or trumped up allegations, it can be awful and devastating, can’t it?

A small blemish to someone’s reputation can actually destroy that person’s marriage and relationship. It could be something totally innocent like you were having lunch in an obscure out of the way restaurant with some guy and unexpectedly you run into your cousin Jayna – the biggest blabber mouth trouble maker on the planet –  at the restaurant. And of course she jumps to conclusions about the whole situation and she runs and tells your boyfriend or husband that you are cheating.

And he begins to doubt you. He questions your faithfulness and your chastity and your integrity (this was a business meeting!) and next thing you know, this little blemish (a total misunderstanding!) becomes the root cause of why your marriage or relationship unraveled.
It is not impossible to heal these little blemishes. But left untended, they do tend to fester and ultimately can mean the end of your relationship

I guess the key is to avoid getting these little blemishes in the first place. Maybe, for example, if you are going to have a business lunch, do it in an open and notorious place where everybody can see you so it doesn’t look like you are trying to hide something.

Of course, not every situation is so simple and cut and dry. Sometimes it is just an unfair situation that is difficult to manage. It is always worth it to fight to defend your good name. To whatever degree necessary, as far as I am concerned.