On Saving Your Own Life By Jumping Ship From a Bad Marriage

So one of my fellow bloggers wrote a post yesterday which I found interesting called¬† In a Marriage From Hell But don’t Want to Get Divorced for the Sake of the Kids¬†which you can read here. We both agreed that it is completely ridiculous to say that a person should stay in their marriage no matter what – and we are both heavily pro-marriage.

I even argued that sometimes, getting out of the marriage can mean saving your own life! And not just in a physical sense. It is about your soul, sometimes. It is spiritual. A marriage can literally kill your spirit. It can beat you down each and every day and saving your life could mean your psyche. Saving your psyche, your heart and your soul from a type of emotional abuse that happens in many relationships.

And my mom always talks about that. She said she would have preferred being hit and kicked than some of the emotional abuse she has endured at the hands and lips of men who supposedly loved her (she’s had a few boyfriends since she split with dad). And I totally get that.

I totally feel like sometimes, getting divorced could literally mean saving your own life.
Do you agree?