Step Kids Ruining Marriage. HELP!

(# Step Kids Ruining Marriage)

What can you do when your stepkids are trying to destroy your marriage?

In this post I will discuss (# Step Kids Ruining Marriage) the issue of the evil step kids. It happens. Sometimes, the step kids are just evil. There is no other way to put it. They are like little demonic spawn and their sole role on the Earth is to destroy your marriage to their mother or father. Blended families are not always a cakewalk.

A lot is going to depend on your spouse. You cannot do this alone. You cannot be expected to gain the respect of your step kids if your spouse is not fully cooperating with you and if you are not a united front. (# Step Kids Ruining Marriage) You need the kids respect but you are not going to get it necessarily by being a bully or authoritarian type, or mean and manipulative. At the same time, you do need to gain their respect and you will need your spouse to help set the right tone so that this can occur.

The other thing is that trying to be a third parent in their lives too quickly and abruptly is confusing and alienating for some kids and they will just tune you out after a certain point. So you have to find the right balance between your quasi parental new role and interloper.  It can be a tight rope.

Not only that but be measured with being this “disciplinarian” too quickly and harshly in their lives as this can lead to distrust, anger and meltdowns when handled incorrectly – especially if their parents were not much of a disciplinarian before you strolled along and started changing everything they hold as normative.

Blended families are not always the easiest adjustments to make. It can be done but it does require finesse. But open communication between you and your new spouse will be a key element to this new relationship status, and to your success or failure with the children – who, as noted above, can sometimes be little devils in and of themselves.

Lastly, if you really hate the kids deep down (# Step Kids Ruining Marriage) you have to face this and stop lying to yourself and everyone. It is not the kids. It is you. You just hate them and you resent them and you want your own kids with your spouse. Nothing wrong with wanting your own kids but if you hate the step kids, they will pick up on it and you will never have a good relationship if this is the case. (# Step Kids Ruining Marriage)

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