What to do when you are married to a loser

Want to get divorced from your loser spouse?

When you are married to a loser, you can figure this out very quickly, or it can take years. It depends on how good the loser is at camouflage or how good you are at pretending and kidding yourself.

Whatever the case may be, this is what you should do the minute you find out that you are married to a loser:

Send them to rehab. Where is rehab for loser spouses? This is a good question. It varies, depending on the underlying cause. So you have to assess your situation and then you have to take action as quickly as possible. Do not linger or second-guess yourself.

And if rehab does not work?

Well, obviously, you will have to have the talk. The one thing you should never do is accept a loser for a spouse. Life, just, is too short for that nonsense.