OKLAHOMA: New Divorce Bill Proposes Forcing Party at Fault to Pay Legal Fees for Divorce, & more

Did you know that Oklahoma has the highest rate of divorce in the country? Well, that is not quite true. It is the third-highest rate after Arkansas and Nevada. At least, that is what USA Today opined in this piece about a new bill that has been proposed which, among other things, will force the party in a marriage who is at “fault” to pay the legal fees and also to reap a smaller portion of the marital res after divorce.

Specifically, the person who caused the divorce would get 25 percent of the marital property and the person who is wronged would get 75 percent.

The proposed bill was filed by State Rep Travis¬†Dunlap and he is on a mission to “correct the ills in society.”

Not only that but he also believes and has included it in the bill, that parties in Oklahoma who seek a divorce should not be able to do so on the grounds of “incompatibility.” He believes that even if you think you are incompatible, you should stay married if you have kids or if you have been married for 10 years or more. To wit:

Dunlap filed House Bill 1277 to address that, he said. The bill, titled the “Fairness in Fault Act,” would eliminate the ability for couples in Oklahoma to file for divorce based on incompatibility if there are living minor children of the marriage; the parties have been married 10 years or longer; or if either party files a written objection to the granting of a divorce.

His whole intention seems to be to keep families intact. He says that his generation needs to think about the fact that children need a mother and a father.