UK: British Man Ordered by Court to Increase Maintenance to Wife – 15 years After Divorce! – Because She Blew Her Settlement

In the Case of Maria Mills vs Graham Mills


15 years after their divorce was finalized, a British man was taken back to court by his wife for an increase in maintenance. He had been ordered to pay her about £1100 pounds per month, for life. Plus she got all the liquid assets they had at the time (great lawyering!) and then she took her money and bought up a bunch of real estate, trading up 3 times but somehow never really being able to cover the mortgages properly so ultimately, she lost all the real estate and ended up renting. Now he has to pay close to $1500 pound per month to cover her shortfall.

How is this her ex-husband’s problem?

The poor guy is now remarried with a new family and a couple of kids and to his shock, he is hauled back into court by his ex-wife and her lawyers and the judge actually agrees with this duo and orders this guy to increase his maintenance payments to this woman!


For thirteen years of marriage, this man gets a life sentence which keeps increasing every few years.

Seriously, these types of rulings are what encourages interfamilial violence and tragedies. It is not every litigant who takes this type of ruling in stride. This is not right. This man should not have to pay this woman more because she made poor decisions. This ruling is crying out to be appealed. Rather than increase her lifelong support, the court needs to reduce it until she is self-supporting. She should be encouraged to find work and become self-supporting. The fact that this man made the mistake of marrying does not mean he should pay for his “crime” for the rest of his life.

This decision is a social outrage. Really. The judge ought to be removed from the bench as he has exercised astonishingly poor judgment, in my humble opinion.